The Value of Choosing a Psychologist

Psychologists are regulated health professionals who provide services including psychotherapy, assessment, diagnosis, and research of psychological health and problems. They are trained in evidence-based practices and follow a code of ethics that promotes respect for dignity and fair treatment. (Psychologist Association of Alberta)


A Psychologist holds a Master’s and/or Doctoral degree that involves from 7 to 11 years of university study and residency/internship on the science and evidence-based practice of Psychology.

It is the extent of this education and training in cognition, emotion, behaviour, and how to effect behavioural change that makes psychologists unique.


Psychologists are accountable to the public.

In Alberta, psychologists are regulated by the Health Professions Act and must follow standards established by the College of Alberta Psychologists.

to ensure public trust of the profession, psychologists must work within their area of competence.

Psychologist also must follow a Code of Ethics that ensures the dignity of the individual and fair treatment of those that use their service.


Psychologists are among the most trusted by the public to deal with mental health problems.

(EKOS Research Report, 2011)


Psychologists spend their extensive university training learning the science and practice of psychology.

They are trained as experts, not only in psychological assessment and therapeutic modalities, but also in the foundations of human behaviour including development, learning theory, neuroscience, personality and motivation.

Psychologists also have extensive training in cognition, emotion, relationships evaluation, research, ethics, and how to effect behavioural change.

Thank you to the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta for the content taken from their “The Value of Choosing a Psychologist” pamphlet.